Our Promise To You

Our Environmental Promise: We use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods or woods salvaged from downed trees. All our boards are glassed with epoxy resin which is cleaner for our environment and emits 50-75% less Volatile Organic Compounds than polyester resin. In our shop we have moderate ventilation and no need for a mask when glassing. Epoxy is lighter and stronger than polyester. Our wood boards are nearly indestructible and should last a lifetime. Each board is quality crafted for strength, durability and concern for our environment.

Your Satisfaction Promise: Ride our boards for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it.

CONTACT: Dan Johnston (01-910-575-6682) BlindDogSurfboards@yahoo.com Tom Allen (01-404-229-4223) Blinddogsurfboards@hotmail.com

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Oct 21, 2009

Surf Contest at Holden Beach 10-24-09

We're bringing all our boards down. Two long boards can be demoed, others will be for sales, ok along with our demos. Contest starts at 9.

Dan and Tom

Oct 9, 2009

5'6" Keiki kids board. (CLICK on photos to enlarge)

Starting to glue up 9'8" long board, nose rider.

Tom love clamps.